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Welcome to Risk Exchange (REX)!

With a national network of respected markets, REX has provided thousands of valuable coverage solutions for a variety of insureds through expert brokering. 

You are our focus.

We advocate for each and every one of our client's interests as if they were our own.  Our passion for providing our clients the best service sets REX apart.  Whether you're desperately seeking different options for a tough to place account, or you're working on a tight deadline and need coverage ASAP, REX stands alone in our willingness to go the extra mile and keep working until the job is done. Since our founding in 2009, REX has been focused on providing value to our clients and partners by ensuring exceptional customer service, a results-oriented business, and industry expertise that leads to successful placement of coverage.

Technology drives us.

Finding coverage for an account shouldn't be difficult, but increasingly we see the cumbersome submission process made worse through difficult to navigate systems with too much information to manually enter.  We are happy to have teamed up with industry leaders in order to provide access to client-focused technology that allows us to stay ahead of the curve by offering an efficient online system that streamlines the submission process. The state-of-the art system is simple to use and guarantees faster turnaround times, centralized records, and direct communication with the REX staff.  This simply means less work for you, faster quote turnarounds, and a better overall experience.

Times change. Needs change. We'll grow with you.

Coverage needs change constantly.  REX is prepared to address those changes by seeking new opportunities through valuable partners that will allow us to service you better.  Seeing a book of business that you need coverage for, or maybe just an account that you can't find a home for?  Send us some information and we will work hard to provide you coverage opportunities. 

Here's our commitment to you.

For every account, no matter how simple or complex, large or small, REX adheres to uncompromising principles that we believe gives us a distinct competitive advantage:

-Provide knowledge and expertise in finding markets for accounts.
-Be a fair and honest advocate for the account to available markets.
-Maintain personalized, exceptional service with stable and long-term relationships in mind.
-Dedicate efforts to securing competitive markets.
-Maximize the use of our online system to minimize account turnaround time.